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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Lightroom Presets are like Instagram filters. Just better! You can do stunning edits with only one click in no time.

Presets are nothing more than ‘filters’ available for Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a professional coloring program for photographers who use the software to create a certain look for their photos. It’s called coloring for a reason - the program gives you unlimited possibilities of changing any colors in the photo to your liking.

We created our presets during the last years as photographers and still use them for all commercial projects as well as for all our Instagram feeds and holiday edits.

Yes, you need the Smartphone App “Adobe Lightroom” which is free or “Adobe Lightroom Classic/CC” for desktop to use our presets. You can find Lightroom here / for Android here / for iOs here.

Important note for desktop users: Please make sure you have done the most recent upgrades to Lightroom CC & Lightroom Classic CC for desktop. Our Desktop presets are XMP files.

You’ll receive step-by-step tutorial with pictures in download page and to your email. You can find our install instructions here.

Yes, all of our downloads are instant. After you complete the payment you will immediately have the option to download the product(s) from the final purchase page and you will also receive a download email shortly after. If for any reason you don't receive this email immediately please reach out to us info@viralpresets.com

Yes sure! All presets which you can find on this page are designed for the smartphone app. You will receive DNG Preset Files which are compatible with Lightroom CC Mobile. You will also receive installation instructions with your digital download. Don’t worry – its easy!
The Lightroom app for smartphones is completely FREE of course.

Our presets can be used for RAW and JPEG pictures. If you are using a modern camera we do recommend to shoot in RAW format because you can tweak colors much better. Nevertheless we are passionate smartphone shooters as well and edit all our smartphone pictures in Lightroom. It’s up to you.

Our presets are very easy to use, it's just one-click filters and you don't need any professional knowledge about Adobe Lightroom to use and have fun with presets!

Yes! They work with all image types. Viral Presets - Mobile Presets is perfect for your Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile App and works well with your photos shot with your iPhone or Android device.

Since Lightroom is mainly a photo-editing program, video tools are fairly limited, so our presets are not suitable for video editing.

Good news, soon we will launch video luts - it's 1-click video color grading filters.

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