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We are a photography loving community that needs your help! Become the example to others. Share your own experience on how love to tweak your photos with presets. Show your personal touch that makes every photo stunning! 


All of our professional presets! From minimal to wedding collections: different presets for each occasion, different shooting conditions, mood, and personality. Including our tools & brushes for lightroom desktop.   


1.We want to ask you to add to your Instagram bio: Ambassador of @viral.presets  

2. Tag us on your Instagram posts #viralpresets, @viral.presets and stories (please tag us on our both before and after pictures), we will re-post them. 

3. Create a video. We want to ask you to share your own experience on how like to edit your photos with presets.

3.1 Create a video or post where you show and explain how you edit your photos with our presets 

3.2 Capture a short review about Viral Presets

You don’t have to edit videos, our team will edit your videos. Send it separately.Once you've filmed the video, please send video and photos that you’ve edited in the video to info@viralpresets.com

Just message us to email or DM us on instagram!

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